Sunday, November 14, 2010

Project: Uncomfortable.

I hate having my picture taken. In any context, the idea of my image being captured and put on display makes me anxious and nervous and wildly....uncomfortable.

As part of a new lifestyle I've tried to adopt, I want to be fearless. I want to do all the things that scare me, and I want to conquer those fears. This is where Project: Uncomfortable comes in.

What I need from you lovely people is a simple e-mail (to saynomorgan[at]gmail[dot]com) of something that makes you uncomfortable. ANYTHING that makes you uncomfortable. Standing in long lines, being naked, sex in public, your personal space being compromised, whatever. All of your disclosures of discomfort and your participation in the project will be anonymous, so don't be afraid to be honest.

This is a two part project, and once I receive one hundred responses of what makes people uncomfortable, I will both attempt to dissect and conquer these discomforts in a multimedia art series. As the project progresses, more will be written about it.

If you're feeling brave enough to tell a stranger something that makes you uncomfortable, please e-mail saynomorgan[at]gmail[dot]com with "Project: Uncomfortable" as the subject. Again, this will be anonymous to the public, and I have no judgement, I promise.

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